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This FAQ list will answer many of your question regarding how the ReviewForest.com team functions and why it functions the way it does…

ReviewForest.com is an initiative of highly talented geeks, a website put together by tech. professionals from all fields reviewing latest gadgets, power tools, household items and everything you could possibly imagine. Our lab is home to sophisticated machinery designed specifically to test products on grounds such as build quality, durability etc.

Glad to hear that my friend. Well it is as easy as visiting our contact us page and letting us know what you are thinking. We will get back to you within 24 hours on usual days.

Mostly we follow the trends going around on the internet and pick up things that people are genuinely interested in. Also we shortlist worthy products from the list of recommendations made by visitors on our website and again there is our finite wisdom that allows us to find and review some of the most desirable stuff.

The answer is “as authentic as it could possibly get”. Believe it or not, all the stuff that we review on our website is purchased from retail market with our own money. We don’t cater sponsorship and we certainly don’t evaluate anything for money. Therefore we have no reason to be biased towards any specific brand/model/manufacturer.

Our independent tests are conducted in privately setup lab and follow strict standards. We check products on utility grounds such as durability, value for money, ease of use etc. The products we review are not sponsored and are purchased by us with our own money. We take in account opinion of industry experts, current users and customers while reviewing.

Our team comprises of geeks, nerds, scientists and masters who like getting to the core. We take our viewers feedback very seriously and things are regularly updated. We will suggest you the best and nothing less of any sort, exactly what you deserve. We review the entire range of products from various categories and not just the popular ones, we have it all.

You can always visit our website and shop from the products we recommend. It helps us a lot when you make any purchase by visiting the buy-now links we provide. You don’t have to pay a penny extra and we will make enough to survive 🙂

You can also contact us and drop any old and not-in-use gadget to be reviewed at our doorsteps, benefiting rest of the world.


Our team goes that extra miles in our secret laboratory where all the possible mistakes are made so that you don’t have to make one. You can trust our recommendations as we are totally unbiased in our working regime. We makes it easy for you to choose the best one from thousands of online available products. Our genuinely researched reviews make you buy with confidence.