Feeling like buying a good soundbar system for your home theatre setup? Check out our Bose Solo 5 Soundbar Review. It’s a 21.5-Inch 2.1 channel soundbar speaker system without a subwoofer but has bluetooth connectivity. Coming from Bose you can be sure of it’s sound quality and build quality…

Bose Solo 5 Soundbar Review : TV Sound System

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The Bose Solo 5 TV soundbar has proposed a tough competition in the roaring sound market. Bose has always been the best in the field of sound systems, thus the invention of bose sound bars has added just another jewel to home audio category. with bose you neither compromise on sound nor on build quality. The sound quality offered by bose solo is undoubtedly much better than the sound of any built-in television speaker. It is single piece system which is obviously created to father all kind of sounds whether it be dialogues, details or background music. It has also provided a dedicated dialogue mode so that it may sound more aural with movies and serials. It supports bluetooth connectivity so that any audio can be played wireless via the speaker.

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Features –

It is a small system with two speakers in a single box that consists a wide range of features to generate clear sound for many various types of content. The bose solo 5 will surely prove to be a developed version over the standard built-in audio system on the television. This system is 2-channel and it sounds awesome. It is well said for the system that the sound quality is clear and crisp for a much better listening experience. You can take control of your Blu-ray Disc player as well as gaming system with the comprised standard remote control and bluetooth. The Sound Bar is structured in such a manner that it can be easily located anywhere. It has a foundation design on which TV can be put, because of that the sound bar attaches seamlessly with you HD TV. If you are searching for speakers which can add extra bass to the audio without being over powering, then this is definitely it.

  • Simplified System Setup: Routine setup for the sound bar is totally straight forward.

  • Easy To Use Remote: It is a four button design i.e. power, volume up, volume down and mute. No other controls and adjustments are there to complicate the functioning.
  • Bring The Bass To Light: Extra bass can be added to the volume of television for ricer sound effects.

  • Dialogue Mode: Now there is no need to adjust volume or other settings to hear the dialogues over miscellaneous sounds properly. By enabling dialogue mode of the sound bar, you can enjoy clearance of dialogues at its best.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Wireless streaming of music is possible with it by connecting smartphone, tablet or any other supporting device.

  • Single Connection to Television: Bose Solo can be simply connected with TV via one audio cable only, which may be optical, coaxial, HDMI or analog according to requirement.
  • Clutter less Pedestal Design: its design helps to prevent choking of the remote sensor of television.
  • Dolby Digital Audio: Another desired feature is that it supports Dolby digital audio.


Recommendation –

The Bose Solo has truly the simplest as well as terrific appearance among the other sound bars present in market. The universal remote which comes with the sound bar is extremely easy to use. The functioning of remote is more sorted especially because of the four button design concept. With its clutter free pedestal design and very rich harmonics it is highly desirable product on the shelves. The quality of audio is apparently much better than the built-in speakers of television. It is totally value for money product and being a bose product reliability is certainly not an issue and we can assure you after our bose solo 5 soundbar review that it’s a good buy.

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