Harman Kardon SB16 Soundbar Review : With Wireless 100 Watt Subwoofer

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At very first, the Harman Kardon SB 16 might look like a hard sell. It’s slightly more expensive than some other sound bars but again it does offers a huge subwoofer which is power packed within it. All of your doubts will fade away when you’ll take the SB 16 out of the box, Its exterior structure and build quality both are truly more than the nominal budget sound bars and its big size is not just for showoff as the bulkiness in Harman Kardon SB 16 translates into awesome sound quality.

The SB 16 is one of the best performance inclined sound bar, It very quickly accepts remote commands and makes it a breeze to operate over long distances. It is a standout sound bar in accordance to sound quality and design that’s why it is worthy to spend some money over it.

In this system, the science of sound is engineered to deliver nothing less than best and that too with good looks and sturdy form factor. In my harman kardon SB16 soundbar review I found out that this product is a fully dedicated home theatre speaker system which lives upto the expectations in terms of audio quality as well as durability.

Harman Kardon SB16 Soundbar

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Features –

  • Audio Quality : If you are watching any blockbuster movie or action sequence, you’ll definitely want to feel as part of the action generating on screen. In this way, the SB-16 provides a perfect 3-D virtual surround sound experience for the ones sitting in front of the sound bar. It brings you a rich and full bodied cinematic experience without any need of any extra speakers. It gives another level to traditional stereo playback. This bar holds a dual positional EQ switch which adjusts its centre loudspeaker bass so that sound quality doesn’t get disturbed by changing the place. In case the sound bar is mounted on a wall, just flip the switch to the wall position for getting the best natural sounding bass quality. If it’s located on a table then set the EQ switch to the table position to get the same quality bass.
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  • Design : The SB 16 sound bar is majorly made of plastic. It is strongly built and its muted design is really appreciable. There is not LCD display on the front panel and it has just a few buttons on the top. Due to unavailability of display, the speaker looks lean and clean. At the downside, there’s no visual indicator like how loud the current volume is and how much louder the system can lead. The most exciting thing about this soundbar is the size of its subwoofer. It is really great by sound bar standards coming in with 18.88 inches height and 13.38 inches width as well as depth. On the other hand, it’s worthy to be remembered that the subwoofer supports wireless connectivity so it is very easy to position it in the corner of any space where it doesn’t disturb the decor. The inputs of Harman Kardon SB 16 are located on the back of the sound bar and not on the subwoofer.



  • Connectivity : It offers three inputs: 1 analog (red/white RCA jacks) and 2 digital (one optical & one coaxial). You may use your TV as an input switcher if you have more than three audio sources. You’ll be awestruck with its advanced features which make the hearing experience better without getting affected with the placement. It has a phase control switch which lets you optimise subwoofer performance according to the location of speakers in the room. If the subwoofer plays out of phase with the sound bar’s central speaker then the sound bar as well as the subwoofer may generate sound waves that cancel out each other. It offers wireless connectivity so that you may play your favorite music from any bluetooth enabled device like your smartphone or tablet.
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  • Easy to Use & Performance : It is designed as an ideal complement to your flat panel television, the SB 16 is slim and very easy to install right below a mounted LED or LCD screen. It has a wall mounting hardware which actually makes the installation comfortable. For mounting, just install the wall mount brackets on the wall and attach the sound bar. Then you’ll experience the dramatic and distinct HD sound with more clearance in dialogues. As the subwoofer is wireless, you don’t have to carry any wires across the space in the room. Your entire home can be directed to theater system with a very easy to use remote control. The SB 16 sound bar review dictated that it is perfectly compatible and programmed to give response to TV remote control’s power, volume and input commands. To generate the best sound performance from your SB 16 system, it should be considered that you switch off the audio coming from the loudspeakers of TV.


Recommendation –


 Pros:  Cons:
  • Includes wireless subwoofer.
  • Flawless connectivity options.
  • Supports Virtual surround sound.
  • Existing TV remote can be used to control the sound bar.
  • The glossy black look of the sound bar and the sub makes it appear comparatively dustier.
  • It is slightly expensive.
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With its slim appearance, awesome sound and virtual surround sound capability, the SB 16 home theater system is a perfect example of the harman kardon’s excellence. It is a complete blend of high style, impressive audio quality and modern design. This sound bar contains the true harman kardon spirit. Starting from the world’s first stereo receiver to the multimedia masterpiece, in our review it has satisfied us completely without expressing much flaws.

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