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A fan of JBL Speaker Systems? If so, JBL Cinema SB100 Soundbar could be the right companion to go with your home theatre. Check out this beautiful and sleek speaker system for your HD TV that has seamless Bluetooth connectivity. Sound bars are today one of the biggest success stories of the home cinema market. And it’s not hard to find why. No doubt they’re convenient, clutter free and they deliver awesome sound quality almost as good as a proper home cinema system. If you have recently bought a flat-screen TV, you’ve probably searching for a sound system that would match its awesome video quality. With the new era of technology, number of sound companies around the world have started manufacturing sound systems that would meet your desired sound taste.

JBL Cinema SB100 Soundbar Speaker

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Why Should I Buy JBL Cinema SB100 Soundbar ?

Audio systems do not always come with a loud price tag, making it all the more possible for you to enjoy watching movies or listening to music without spending a lot of money. However, there is always one among the bunch that easily stands out. The JBL SB100 is primarily designed to boost sound quality from your TV, however another sound source such as Blu-ray or MP3 player can also be connected. Although there’s no built-in disc player or multi-channel processing.

It’s simply a straight-up stereo sound bar that decodes Dolby Digital and delivers good audio power. The most lovable feature is built-in Bluetooth, which makes it easy to enjoy music from mobile devices. Let’s take a more detailed look of this device in our JBL cinema SB100 soundbar review.

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Features –

  • Audio Quality : Besides its eye catching design, SB100 it is packed with features that enable listeners to experience music and sounds in their utmost quality. To talk about the sound it is simply full bodied, mid-range centered which imparts a naturalness to conversation and a fullness to movies. There’s a bass boost for explosions and highs are extended but don’t sear ones ears.
    It has the famous JBL Display Surround Technology, thus offering listeners that rich, full surround sound every music lover craves. To give you a realistic listening experience with a deep low-frequency sounds and clear highs, it is equipped with a built-in amplifier, dual 3.5” premium cone woofers and dual 1.5” dome tweeters. This speaker offers a mono RCA output for you to add any external-powered subwoofer, if the bass sounds insufficient to you.




  • Design : The JBL Cinema SB100 is no ordinary sound bar, with a design both simple and stylish at the same time. This beauty comes in a smooth black finish that is sure to blend with the room interior while giving off that powerful sound JBL is well-known for. This gem takes style up a notch with its stylish curved exterior, unlike any other sound bars in the market that features a simple rectangular-shaped facade. It can easily be placed on a table near the television, or it can also be mounted on the wall, for the one who have limited room space. On top of the unit is a small row of buttons that control power, source input, Bluetooth, surround mode and volume.
  • Connectivity : The Cinema SB 100 features adequate inputs to connect a TV and disc player, satellite tuner or cable tuner to the system. It increases convenience while connecting directly to any television. Moreover, there’s no plugging-in or unplugging required. JBL is known for extraordinary bass response, and at the touch of a button on the included remote, the Cinema SB 100 allows you to increase low-frequency performance. The added bass impact is perfect for films and songs.
  • Easy to Use & Performance : There is a tiny switch on the back of the unit near the inputs, which is when selected it optimizes the unit for placement against the wall or when placed on a shelf in front of the TV. When the setting is selected for placement in front of the TV then choosing the wall mounted setting makes a much more believable and satisfying presentation. In fact, the more you listen to it at this setting, the more you like it.
    But make sure to check it out to see which setting you prefer. The remote learning steps only take you part way there and you have to experiment a bit by following directions and then modifying them as you go and all it takes is two attempts at max. Then your cable/TV remote works for the volume control of the sound bar. One nice feature is that you can leave it on 24/7 as it goes into standby mode after 10 minutes of inactivity and comes back on when you power up the TV.
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Recommendation –


 Pros:  Cons:
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It offers pleasingly good sound quality.
  • Decent price to value ratio.
  • It features built-in Bluetooth.
  • It offers limited connectivity.
  • It has fiddly remote.


In our JBL cinema sb100 soundbar review we found out that it appears to be a technological wonder through its ability to give strong clear sound and realistic rendering that easily fills up the room makes a must have add-on to your home entertainment system. It is the perfect solution for anyone who is seeking better quality sound from their existing flat-panel TV sets at the mentioned price. The “SB” does the job that will satisfy most. There are better sound bars out there but you need to pay a whole lot more for not much more improvement if all you need is something better than the speakers that come with your TV.


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