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klipsch-hd-theater-sb-3-soundbar-reviewAs the time is passing, sound bars are getting smaller. Fortunately, they are also getting better. These sound bars work as small packages with so many surprises in them. But for actual room filling high definition sound, horn-loaded nectar is required and hence we present the Klipsch HD Theater SB 3 sound bar including wireless subwoofer.

It has built-in horn-loaded technology to create home theater like experience. Tweeters propose wide dynamic range of audio and let you experience all highs and lows in crisp details. It is too easy to setup with 10” wireless down-firing sub-woofer which delivers bass output at 300 watt peak.

It offers built-in Dolby Digital decoding. Optical, RCA and 3.5mm inputs propose an accelerated setup. Let’s take a more detailed look of this device in our Klipsch HD theater SB 3 soundbar review.


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Features –

  • Audio Quality : Any kind of music can be played on this system, for example massed strings or choral music. At high volume levels too, the audio performs well. Its bass and dynamics are too good. It gives a good sonic booms like feel not only in the room where the sound is being played but all around the house. The speakers of Klipsch offer great features such as midrange clarity and openness.
    It offers impressive instrumental separation and wide dynamic range which make it one of the great sound bars available in the market. These features lets it generate a truly smooth and clutter free sound without any harsh transients. Klipsch sound bar includes best of the tonal contrast and wide scale dynamic swings to provide highly convincing sound.
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  • Design : In the HD Theater SB 3, Klipsch has provided the trademark horn design, joined with a wireless subwoofer and proposes an easy way to enhance sound without any impact on aesthetics. The subwoofer is of 10” size. In the box, the subwoofer and sound bar were both clad in Styrofoam and a poly-bag for safe shipping. Power cords for both the subwoofer and sound bar, a 5 foot RCA cable and a 5 foot optical TOS link cable are included. Built-in keyhole mounts on the SB-3 are used to mount the speaker on the wall.
    They also act as anchor points for rubber feets that snugly fits in for table top placement. This sound bar is 44″ wide x 4.6″ high x 3.1″ deep including the feet adding less than an inch to the height as well as depth. It just weighs 12.5 lbs. The semi glossy black finish with removable inset and cloth grills make it looks really great and well-structured. Two pair of drivers are there on either end of the sound bar, each consisting of a single horn tweeter. It is a quality product with solid built.



  • Connectivity : Lining up some high-octane flicks we choose to see on Blu-ray, the Klipsch SB-3 provided cleaner and more rumble bass. It can get low and also consistently reproduce bass below 40 Hz in the room. For getting the smoothest bass response, the wireless sub-woofer can be placed anywhere in the room thus using making it convenient.
    It has only one digital input and has three separate digital sound modes for a Blu-ray player, a digital cable box and a CD player with an optical digital output. TOS link cables are supplied for changing the sources.
  • Easy to Use & Performance : This product is very easy to use without any break in. The SB-3 sounds awesome straight out of the box. The big, powerful and gusty sound fills a larger than normal listening room with more volume without any discomfort.
    Not everybody can deal with its max. volume, at which this bar plays very effortlessly. It is an epitome of high efficiency. While playing metal, Mahler and the Matrix movies, the SB-3 combo mightily impresses with its clean, distortion-free and ultra-dynamic audio.
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Recommendation –


 Pros:  Cons:
  • Great, determined and impressive sound.
  • Huge on dynamics as well as low on buckle.
  • Truly awesome and bouncy bass.
  • Wireless sub-woofer is portable and comfortable to use.
  • Good sound for both music and movies.
  • There is no remote to control sub-woofer or bass level.
  • Contains only one digital input.
  • It is not Bluetooth enabled.

Whole and sole, we actually enjoyed our time with the Klipsch SB-3. Its true sonic performance for music as well as movies is the best we’ve listened from a device of this type. It really sounded like a good pair of stereo speakers better than any other sound bar we’ve had till now. Its volume control is awesome. Its bass was satisfyingly deep and its great & prodigious presentation really surprised us.

The functionality of SB-3 is flawless. In case your system is such that you’ll do okay without more input options and you are wandering for an awesome and 1 component solution then you are definitely going to love the Klipsch SB-3.

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