Projector Reviews

Best Projector for Gaming in 2017

There is nothing better than enjoying that new action packed FPS title on a huge screen. Projectors have come a long way in the gaming department. The lags have become practically unnoticeable, contrast has gotten considerably sharper and color rendition

Top 10 Best Projectors Under 200 Dollars

Who doesn’t love the idea of having a projector in their homes, but this specific gadget has the tendency to come a very premium price tag. However careful market inspection can reveal some products that can deliver satisfactory experience at

Top 10 Best Cheap Projectors to Buy in 2017

Projectors are a great device to watch movies, play games and do many other things on a very large screen with your family and friends. And mostly if you want to buy a projector it will hit hard on your

Best 4k Projector to Buy in 2017

4K also referred by Ultra High Definition (UHD ), is the new trend of digital display quality now. Many people want to get this premium experience too, and projectors are great device to watch videos at 4k on a large

Top 10 Best Projectors Under $500 to Buy in 2017

One cannot overlook the need of a projector, be it home or office. Although the market is flooded with the new advance models with varying features and prices, it has made the selection of projectors with perfect features and fair price a

Top 10 Best Projectors to Buy in 2017

There is no need to explain how important role a projector play in a presentation, also, its a wild goose chase these days to look for buy-able TVs and it’s pretty obvious that nothing can beat a projector when its