BSound Appeal SA-TH5000 Sound bar Review : 8.0” wireless subwoofer and MAXBASS chip

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A good news for all the music lovers!! Sound appeal has finally introduced their much hyped MAXBASS chip to complete their command over the 6 mid-bass and 8.0 inch subwoofer section. Loaded in to the Sound Appeal SA-TH5000 sound bar it has so many extraordinary advantages. It provides excellently enhanced sound quality and produces a great output. This speaker set comes coupled with 2.1 edr Bluetooth transceiver (that’s too from Sound Appeal). Sound streaming via CD is also available with this and being Bluetooth enabled you can pairing it with any smartphone, tablet or PC which supports Bluetooth connectivity. It soundly streams itunes, Pandora or rhapsody. While discussing about this soundbar, its bass standard should also be considered.

The CD streaming is high quality and one can enjoy decent audio. Its dependable Bluetooth connectivity provides actual high quality sound without any distortion as seen on most other systems. There are two subwoofers which can be put almost 50ft away from each other and the frequency of functioning of these subwoofers is approx. 4GHz, due to which no deterioration in sound is faced over long distances You won’t believe the music you listening is coming wirelessly when you get your hands on this speaker bar.

The MAXBASS chip is totally designed by considering every small thing, its algorithm is in such a manner that it matches sound quality to the best level possible. It streams exquisite low bass in a way that it feels like real life experience or live performance. It has additional power boost, additional performance, additional controls and commands, additional drivers as well as additional inputs which makes it stand out higher in market. It is attached with Class-D Amplifier which is DSP controlled with 160W because of which it provides cogent bass quality without much vigour.

Sound Appeal SA-TH5000 Soundbar

  • $27599


Features –

In our Sound Appeal SA-TH5000 soundbar review we found out that installing this setup is too easy. Due to its shape, it is comfortable to mount it on wall or install on flat table top. It can also be placed over tripod stands. Due to the powerful inbuilt amplifier, it has a capacity to stream higher watts of power to both the sound bar and subwoofer, you might need to alert neighbours when you are going to watch a movie. controlled via the remote system by which volume of the setup and volume of subwoofer can be adjusted individually. What’s impressive is getting 6 mid-bass drivers in such a nominal price. It provides effective mid to low bass, extended audio hearing as well as clarified sound. It is flexible to adapt for lower (30Hz) as well as higher (20KHz) frequencies and switch between them. Its multi-functional remote enables many commands to be followed over distance and makes its use easier. It provides awesome room filling sound, rich bass, easy to connect Bluetooth and a very catchy profile.

  • Enhanced Audio Quality – Its sound quality is awe-inspiring and it supports streaming to considerable distance via itunes, Pandora or rhapsody. Delivers best possible audio out of 2.1 edr Bluetooth transceiver.
  • CD Support – as evident by the title, music can be played via CD also.
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  • Bluetooth Connectivity – Wireless delivery of sound is possible when connected to any Bluetooth enabled device like smart phone or PC.
  • Capable Bass – After combining with DSP controlled class-D amplifier of strength 160 watts, results awesome sound and super-bass coming out of the subwoofer.

  • Wall, Table Top or Tripod Base Installation – Too easy to mount either on wall or any table top. Anyone beginner can install the setup comfortably.
  • Remote Access – A universal remote comes with the system to control the commands of all the separate devices. Different buttons are there for controlling different functions and everything is clearly defined.
  • Selective Input – Any favourable input out of all (FM, AUX, USB, SD-Card, Optical, Co-axial, PC, and TV) can be selected.


Recommendation –

2.1 Sound bar w 8.0″ wireless sub-woofer and MAXBASS by Sound Appeal review that we bought was after rigorous testing and performance analysis. After reviewing it to a great depth we believe one should definitely try the sound appeal SA-TH5000 sound bar once. It is a total package including astonishing sound and cushy functioning. Control is extremely easy via remote and wireless streaming by Bluetooth is quality adjusted for breathtaking sound to be delivered. Switching in between the higher and lower frequency is flawless and bass streaming is amazing. Supports all the types of input accurately. The MAXBASS chip really helps to enhance bass and the subwoofer of 8.0 inch delivers it perfectly. It is a product which should be there at your home so that you can enjoy the energetic sound as well as endurance. The class D amplifier with high efficacy smoothens sound projection, the six mid bass drivers and two discrete tweeters help to increase audio quality more.

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